Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter Bugs

Have you seen butterflies in your garden? Several Monarch butterflies and Queen butterflies have come to my Milkweed Forest and laid their eggs for one final time before continuing on their merry way to the next batch of flowers. I find the caterpillars and bring them in for safe keeping until they have made their chrysalis. I will release the newly hatched Butterflies on a warmer than most day without too much wind (I think that I can find a day as warm as any here in Corpus Christi, the wind is still hard to handle sometimes). I feed my caterpillars daily, or twice daily with milkweed cuttings in a butterfly habitat. They are a happy group, as I imagine. I have my very own Butterfly Bed and Breakfast. I will count the butterflies as I release them and take their photos. I hope that they will return their children to me somehow. I imagine the parents whispering to their eggs, " Remember the nice lady with the warm safe house and the Milkweed Forest, she will take care of you. "

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